Where are the manuals?
User guides in pdf and html formats and uninstallers are available in the PlatMat folder automatically created after the installation of PlatMat modules.

30/10/2015Jolanta Brzostek-Pawłowska
Is there help in applications?
Yes, context-sensitive help can be accessed in the Help menu.

30/10/2015Jolanta Brzostek-Pawłowska
Which version of Windows is needed for PlatMat ?
PlatMat applications need Windows 8.x or newer

08/10/2015Małgorzata Rubin
How can I purchase PlatMat?
Contact your local distributor or email us at sekretariat@imm.org.pl

17/11/2015Małgorzata Rubin
Can I listen text comment in a document?
Use audio comments that students equipped with headphones can listen during the lesson. Alternatively, for the convenience of students you can insert in the document the same comment in 2 forms, once as a text and second - a sound. Students will benefit from one or the other, according to your own preferences.

01/09/2016Małgorzata Rubin
What tools does PlatMat include?
PlatMat is made up of five modules that can communicate with each other and with the PlatMat portal. These modules are dedicated for teachers/tutors, students or parents.
1. Teacher
2. Student (blind)
3. Student (low vision)
4. Calculator
5. Cubarithm

06/10/2016Małgorzata Rubin
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